Merit and demerit of democracy pdf

2019-08-21 10:03

Essay on Democracy Its Merits and Demerits (free to read). The English word Democracy is derived from two Greek words Demos and Kratia or cratos. Demos means crowd andDemocracy or democratic government is a form of government wherein the people or citizens of a country have the freedom to choose their leaders and get involved in governance. Unlike a monarchy or oligarchy where an individual has absolute power or a small group of individuals have the power, a democracy is a government for and by the people. merit and demerit of democracy pdf

Essay on merit and demerit of democracy in america. Home Essay on merit and demerit of democracy in america. By. Research project paper in hindi pdf traditional method of teaching essay year? success of life essay negotiation pleasures of life essay experience who am i essay example free about volleyball essay google effect.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy Introduction: We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Democracy in this article. In the modern world, Democracy is the most widely accepted form of government. Demerits of democracy Bad things about democracy. 1. Corruption: There is a chance for full spread and evergreen corruption. A democratic leader is in position for a period. So there is a tendency to make money by use of power. Once he loses his power, he can merit and demerit of democracy pdf The word 'democracy' has a Greek origin. 'Demo' means 'people whilst 'cracy' means 'power Thus, a democracy is a type of government system where the people of the country have the power to make decisions about their country and the government doesn't simply impose its decision on the people.

Democracy is known for its stability, firmness and efficiency. These days tenure of the elected representatives is fixed. They form a stable government because it is based on public support. merit and demerit of democracy pdf

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