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organizational commitment within both private and public sector organizations has, generally, received significant research focus over the past 25 years (Meyer and Allen,towards its employees. It can never create employee loyalty and organizational commitment. It would assert adverse affect and organizational productivity may suffer. (Locke, 1976) examined that a managers positive attitude leads towards employee loyalty and bad attitude may affect productivity adversely. organizational commitment journal pdf

Organizational commitment has also been measured in public sector. However, to the best knowledge of the researchers a few studies have addressed the role of different job dimensions on organizational commitment of the employees particularly in the context of public sector in Albania.

Organizational commitment is the employees state of being committed to assist in the achievement of the organizations goals, and involves the employees levels of identification, involvement, and loyalty (Caught& Shadur, 2000). It is an emotional response multiple behaviors in a single study. That is, if the research goal involves studying. Meyer and Allen Model of Organizational Commitment: Measurement Issues. Meyer and Allen Model of Organizational Commitment: Measurement Issues. Meyer and Allen Model of Organizational Commitment: Measurement Issues model. organizational commitment journal pdf Organizational commitment may be viewed as the degree to which an individual adopts organizational values and goals and identifies with them in fulfilling their job responsibilities (Tanriverdi, 2008). According to the literature,

lens organizational commitment is a psychological state that characterizes the employees relationship with the organization with its implications for the decision to con organizational commitment journal pdf Journal of Vocational Behavior 14, (1979) The Measurement of Organizational Commitment RICHARD T. MOWDAY AND RICHARD M. STEERS University of Oregon AND LYMAN W. PORTER University of California at Irvine This paper summarizes a stream of research aimed at developing and validating a measure of employee commitment to work organizations. The present study investigated employee work engagement and organizational commitment using a comparative approach of private and public sector employees in Ghana. One hundred and five (105) employees of three public and three private organizations with (a) Affective commitment (AC) is the emotional attachment to ones organization. (b) Continuance commitment (CC) is the attachment based on the accumulation of valued side bets (pension, skill transferability, relocation, and selfinvestment) that covary with organizational study was to find the impact of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on employee loyalty. This study also finds out the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Further the study will also find the comparison of employee loyalty in manufacturing and service industry.

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